Who We Are

Our services are delivered through our diverse team of licensed/certified counseling, life management and well-being experts and managed by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced EAP professionals in the business.

250+ years of combined EAP experience in PAS’ leadership team

57,000 licensed counselors across the US
140 countries covered in our international network
20+ areas of life coaching provided by licensed/ certified experts
98% account retention rate

Therapy Dogs

Meet Hannah, Dixon, Anna and Blue, our therapy dogs! These gentle, wise and loving souls comfort our visitors, attend most company functions, and even help interview our employment candidates!



From our humble beginnings in 1982 to the thriving company we are today, our success continues to proliferate largely because of our genuine efforts to maintain a culture of gratitude and service. We have been fortunate to have the right mix of talent join our company, a prestigious group of employers that have placed their trust in us to serve as their business partners, and enough resources to serve the people of PAS and our clients very well. Every single day the people of PAS have a chance to make someone’s situation better, provide encouragement and motivate others to be the best they can be.

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