Brand Assets
Official PAS Logo is to be only used within the below restrictions. If any branding questions arise please contact us.

Logo Formats
Our logo should be used in full color as much as possible. When using just one color, PAS Blue, PAS Orange, and white are preferred. The version with "Personal Assistance Services" should be used over the logo without.
Font Rules
The main brand fonts are "Museo Sans" and "Alternate Gothic No. 2". "Good Vibes" is also a font used within the PAS brand, but it should be used sparingly and only for display type, not body copy. If these fonts are not available, Arial is an acceptable sans serif alternative for both Museo and Alternate Gothic. Georgia Italic is acceptable to use in place of Good Vibes.
Primary Palette

The main colors within the PAS brand are PAS Blue, PAS orange, and PAS Navy. All other colors including PAS Green and PAS Yellow should only be used as accents.
Primary Colors
HEX: #407cca
CMYK: 75/47/0/0
RGB: 64/124/202
PMS: 660 C
HEX: #f7b334
CMYK: 3/32/91/0
RGB: 247/179/52
PMS: 143 C
HEX: #1e4978
CMYK: 96/76/29/13
RGB: 30/73/120
PMS: 7477 C
Secondary Colors
HEX: #a4d55d
CMYK: 40/0/81/0
RGB: 164/213/93
PMS: 367 C
HEX: #77bc1f
CMYK: 58/2/100/0
RGB: 119/188/31
PMS: 368 C
HEX: #ffd26c
CMYK: 0/18/67/0
RGB: 255/210/108
PMS: 134 C
HEX: #7fbee8
CMYK: 47/12/0/0
RGB: 127/190/232
PMS: 278 C
Brand Guidelines
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