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Servimos a nuestros clientes con la sofisticación de una empresa grande, pero con la agilidad apta para personalización y el poder de cumplir con necesidades únicas que no se encuentra con proveedores de mega-estructura. Nuestro servicio al cliente excepcional y el éxito en mejorar la calidad de vida de aquellos a quienes servimos ha resultado en una tasa de retención de cuenta del 98%.

Nuestros servicios

Servicios de organización

Mejoramiento de rendimiento
Mecanismo para gerentes para referir empleados potencialmentes agitados en el proceso disciplinario al EAP
Risk Management & Strategic Planning
Consulta de organización y forénsica para mitigar riesgo
Onsite Training and Support Services
Desarrollo personal y professional, apoyo en eventos críticos y pertubadores, apoyo para feria de salud, capacitación de EAP para gerentes y empleados
Online EAP Training
Capacitación de EAP en línea o integrado en el portal de capacitación de su organización para la administración y los empleados
Benefit Communication
Comunicación de beneficios personalizada enfocada en sus preferencias de entrega y consideraciones de capital humano

Servicios de miembro

Linea de ayuda 24/7/365
Consejeros de EAP a nivel de maestría proven apoyo en el momento—no hay que esperar para una cita
Masters-level licensed behavioral health professionals provide in-person counseling that helps participants improve their quality of life
Family Care Coaching
Licensed/Certified professionals provide expert assistance with parenting, household organization, financial and logistics planning for caregiving
Lifestyle & Wellness
Licensed/Certified allied health professionals provide personalized guidance and coaching around weight, nutrition, health, addiction, fitness, well-being, life transitions
Licensed attorneys provide educational consultation around virtually any non-employment related legal situation or document
Certified financial educators provide guidance on all aspects of money matters, financial fitness, and resources to help during times of financial stress.
Career, retirement and organizational professionals guide participants through their personal values, goals and priorities wherever they are on their working world path.
Work/Life Consultation & Resourcing
Consultation + Resourcing to help participants find the to find the child care, eldercare, daily living, education, and well-being support they need throughout their entire working lifecycle.
Life & well-being on-line tools: eCare Diary, LifeMart Discount center, legal document templates, app library, Passages of Life pathway to PAS services.

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Purchasing an EAP

1. History & Purpose

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) have served employers and their workforces for more than five decades. The earliest delivery models were internal programs in which employees exhibiting alcohol or drug problems at work were referred to an on-site alcohol counselor employed directly by the sponsoring employer. The counselor assessed troubled employees’ situations, referred them to the appropriate type of treatment to begin their recovery and save their job, and then stayed in supportive contact with them for many years following their successful completion of treatment.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, external EAP delivery models emerged through which services were provided by external professional firms that employed staff counselors working out of service centers not associated with the workplace. This “standalone” EAP model afforded a greater sense of confidentiality for the employee and lessened liability for wrongful referral for the employer. Blended models using both internal EAP managers and external service firms were popular in many large corporations with multiple locations in these earlier years and several of these dually managed programs continue in existence today.

Over the years, the focus of EAP service has broadened well beyond alcohol and drug problems to include other personal concerns that could impair employees’ ability to perform well at work. The Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) defines an EAP as “a workplace program designed to assist: (1) work organizations in addressing productivity issues, and (2) «employee clients» in identifying and resolving personal concerns, including health, marital, family, financial, alcohol, drug, legal, emotional, stress, or other personal issues that may affect job performance.”

2. Today's Delivery Platforms

In recent years, rapidly changing market forces and the evolving needs of today’s workforce have resulted in the emergence of many different types of EAP delivery platforms.

Types of Service Platforms
Personal, family and relationship EAP counseling services are now supplemented with well-being and work/life balance services. EAP services are typically provided at no cost to the employee and delivered in person, by telephone, or through technology media. Performance referral and drug free workplace services for the organization are now supplemented with workplace critical incident support, risk mitigation, violence prevention, cultural enhancement, and health and productivity integration services.

Types of EAP Vendors
In addition to standalone EAP services delivered directly by a professional EAP firm on a capitated fee basis, many other types of entities have added EAP services to their customer offerings. The levels of service to employees, levels of service to the organization, and pricing structures vary considerably.

Telephonic and web-based EAP services are embedded within many ancillary (disability, life, vision, dental) plan portfolios and offered at no cost to the purchaser. Many payroll and wellness companies offer EAP within the supplemental services matrix they maintain for their customers. Medical plan carriers offer bundled EAP plan options that allow for the first several sessions of counseling with a network behavioral health counselor at no deductible or co-pay charge to the participant. Embedded or bundled EAP services may be provided by a subcontracted organization rather than directly by the ancillary plan, payroll service or wellness/medical carrier.

3. EAP Needs

Many organizations purchase an EAP because leadership recognizes that both work and personal life impact job performance. Some organizations purchase an EAP to have a service on hand in case something like a disruptive event in the workplace or a traumatic event in an employee’s personal life happens.

Good organizations use their EAP to manage problems when they arise. The best organizations leverage the entire suite of EAP services to preempt problems before they impact the organization’s people, products and profit.

Many EAP service and delivery platforms exist. How do you know what is the best platform for your organization?

Get our EAP analysis guide on key EAP comparison considerations.

What our Customers are Saying

“We were truly looking for an EAP partner that would be a benefit or value-add for us. Sometimes it means a higher cost vendor and sometimes it is the PAS’ of the world that you didn’t know about but you find out that you’ve got this nugget of gold that is just waiting to be mined.”
“PAS’ primary purpose is EAP, they have a great reputation and you always get a live person to talk to when you call. When I had people coming to my office in tears and I had to hand them the EAP phone number of our previous EAP, it made me sick because I knew they would get a recording or a voice prompt that really led to nowhere or be redirected to a website.”
“We had low utilization and negative feedback from our employees and managers about their experience with our previous EAP. That is what made us start looking for something better.”
“We had multiple EAP providers throughout our US operations. We didn’t have a centralized system for access, benefit communication or aggregate reporting. And we wanted a partner who could be flexible and could accommodate our unique requests.”
“Our previous EAP was with our health plan carrier that provided most everything: medical, dental, disability, flex, and EAP. We knew they weren’t experts at all of them and that they were certainly not the best at EAP. We wanted a niche firm that focused on EAP and did it really well.”
“I have absolutely no doubt that if I got in a bind and needed PAS to deliver on something they would step up and do it. Having that level of comfort in a vendor partner is rare. That is the one thing I value above and beyond anything else.When we ask them or need them to do something, they will always deliver.”
“PAS is more hands on with us as a customer and one-on-one with our employees versus just being like a call center. PAS is flexible and they give our employees more personal treatment which is what we are very interested in having for them. I know that employees are going to be well taken care of – it’s just that level of comfort.”
“They really are what their name states – Personal Assistance Services. We have thirteen employee benefit vendor partners. If all of the others embodied 60% of what PAS has, we’d be unstoppable, a force to be reckoned with.”
“The PAS team that we work with has been better than any of our other benefit vendors. It comes down to their great personalities and level of expertise, diligence, and effort to understand our unique problems and help us tailor programs to meet those needs. They partner with us and bring us new, cutting edge ideas.”
“Other companies may spend more on flashy bells and whistles stuff but in my 25-year career in Benefits, PAS has been, by far, my favorite vendor I’ve ever worked with.”
“PAS has so many different avenues that can help our employees: household organization, transitions to retirement, eldercare, will kits, nutrition, budgeting. PAS is a great resource for just about everything.”
“I have extremely high expectations of PAS and I continually see them constantly excel and impress us. It really is a working partnership. We’ll set the bar a little higher and we know they’ll jump.”
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