Coping with Media Induced Stress

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In today’s world the media is omnipresent. Exposure to news happens from the first cup of coffee until the late-night TV shows. Stories of violence, terrorism, natural disasters and more find their way into our lives at the push of a button or the click of a mouse. Combine that with human nature’s drive to protect and provide for each other, and you have the perfect ingredients for a debilitating case of Media-Induced Stress.

News is Everywhere…All the Time

While there is debate about how many more traumatic incidents occur in the present versus the past, it is undeniable that the coverage of aftermath has escalated exponentially. It’s hard to escape the non-stop coverage of tragic events. As a culture we are so “plugged-in” that according to a 2016 Statista study the average American spends 12+ hours per day engaged in the media in some way. Sources like TV, Radio, Mobile Devices, and Online sources (laptops and desktops) make it possible to follow events without stopping. With media engagement this high, it is understandable that a buildup of negativity and stress is inevitable. Learning to UNPLUG can be a step in the right direction to bring down our stress levels.

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