What Makes Us Different

Meaningful Engagement


Personally Arranged Services

Our philosophy of service is that when people are seeking help to resolve personal and family challenges, the most effective way to assist them is soul-to-soul. Improving the quality of relationships requires connecting with people directly.

PAS Masters level counselors directly answer, provide immediate support and personally schedule participants with services. Arrangements are made for the participant’s care by first ensuring provider availability to meet the participant’s needs and then electronically scheduling or warm introducing the participant to the selected counselor or coach rather than simply giving the EAP participant a list of telephone numbers to call on their own.


Exceptional Rate of Utilization

Our practice of personally arranging services for people rather than simply giving them a list of providers to call on their own achieves at least a 90% participant follow through rate compared to the 50% follow through rate that occurs when participants have to sort through a directory and contact provider offices to check appointment availability.

In addition, our reporting does not include, as cases for utilization calculation purposes, website hits, telephonic and web inquiries, or training participants. Our “true” utilization reporting is calculated based on participants who actually avail themselves of professional services. PAS’ rate of utilization is 7% – 16% which is at least 400% higher than that of most of our largest competitors.

More Than Just a Vendor


Better, Not Bigger

We don’t want to be the biggest or the fastest growing EAP in the world. We want to be the best partner for those organizations that have high expectations of their vendors, recognize that both work and personal life impact the human condition, desire precision and excellence in service delivery, and appreciate the return on value and investment that PAS achieves.


Best in Class Partner

Our exceptional customer service, partnership and drive to improve the quality of life of those we serve has resulted in PAS’ nearly 99% account retention rate. PAS aligns with our customers’ initiatives to encourage employees to be their best emotionally, physically, financially, personally and professionally. The key to PAS’ success in meaningfully improving employee wellbeing is in large part due to our internal and external integration within Human Resources, Benefits & Safety functions. We serve our customers with the sophistication of a large corporation but with the agility to customize and meet unique needs that is not found in mega-structure vendor relationships.

Highly Effective Care Management


Exceptional Network Management

PAS uses the same personal approach to partnering with our network counselors as we do in partnering with our customers. We pay our network counselors well and stay in touch with them throughout the entire care process. Maintaining collegial relationships that engender a true sense of partnership provides the best in care, advocacy and outcomes for our participants.


Best in Class Care Management

What our network providers have to say about their partnership with PAS:

“I truly appreciate PAS’ professionalism in establishing the initial session- after my availability is confirmed, the client is brought onto the call. This really helps to facilitate scheduling and establish a connection. I feel comfortable talking with PAS staff when I have questions. I sense that PAS is more than a job for PAS counselor – they truly have the best interest at heart for their clients.”

“PAS could serve as a model for how to improve the delivery of behavioral health care services. In all of my decades of experience with many EAP organizations, I have enjoyed working with PAS the most. PAS does business as business should be done. They are efficient about approving additional sessions and timely with payments. I have always enjoyed speaking to a person rather than a recording and I have never been placed on hold.”

“PAS exhibits exceptional service to their affiliated counselors by providing personal customer service, QUICKLY. This means that as a provider, when I call in for clinical consult, the person answering the phone knows who I am and can quickly access and provide information that I may need to work with the individual referred to me. The staff deeply cares about the clinical process and also appreciates the expertise of their network providers.”

Measurable Results


Better, Not Cheaper

More than just a service to have on hand if something “bad” should happen, PAS is a life event service that helps employees with virtually any life need. Our focus is on improving people’s lives. We’ve found that when we help people become more resilient and solution-focused in life, they also thrive at work and become better and more productive performers. Our extensive suite of services provides access to experts that help people become healthier- emotionally and physically; achieve life balance; be a better parent, grandparent, friend or spouse/partner; plan for the future; overcome addictions; solve legal and financial challenges, be more organized, and so much more.


Return on Value and Investment

Averted Claims to the Medical Plan: 96% of cases resolved within parameters of EAP benefit saving plan expense for the sponsor and out of pocket co-pay and deductible expense for the participant

Gratitude: 4.94 on five-point scale of participant satisfaction (5 being a rating of excellent), 98% of EAP participants would recommend PAS to others

Improved Employee Well-being: 30% average improvement in quality of life (Optum SF-12v2® Health Survey Ó 1994, 2002 Medical Outcomes Trust and QualityMetric Incorporated), 87% of participants report that their personal life is better and 77% report that they are more productive at work as a result of using PAS services