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What Can PAS Do for You?
What PAS Can Help With
Blending Lives
Visit with a family and relationship counselor to explore how to best thrive together as partners, combine households, and adjust to new roles within your extended or blended family.
All Challenges
Raising a Family
Meet with a licensed counselor about personal, family and other relationship strengthening; thriving as a parent or grandparent, work & life transitions, wellbeing, life balance and more.
All Challenges
Balancing Work and Personal Life
Speak with a certified life & wellbeing coach for personalized guidance to help you identify and achieve goals, make changes that improve your overall life balance, consider options when making a significant decision or life transition, and stay focused on your core values and passions.
All Challenges

Services at a Glance

24/7/365 Helpline
In-person Counseling
Life & Wellbeing Coaching
Life & Wellbeing Consultation

Call us anytime. Our Master’s level EAP counselors are right there – they answer your call personally 24/7.

Delivered through our national network of licensed behavioral health professionals and provided at no cost to you or your dependents, our EAP counselors can help improve your quality of life.

Easy phone access to our diverse team of licensed/certified life management and wellbeing experts to help answer questions and provide guidance for addressing life’s challenges and improving personal well-being.

Save time by talking with our life management specialists to find vetted resources well matched to your specific needs for caregiving, adoption, family support, financial relief and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Each of us experiences demands for our time and energy, both on and off the job. The key to balancing it all is having access to the right tools, resources, and support. Your EAP is Personal Assistance Services (PAS). Having PAS is like having your own personal concierge service. PAS provides you with a wealth of confidential, professional services that can help you address challenges and strengthen your work and home life.

If I use the EAP, will it be confidential?

Yes! The EAP is confidential. PAS does not provide access to EAP records to your employer nor will PAS disclose any information to anyone about your participation in EAP services unless you give your specific, written consent to do so (except as required by law).

What counseling services are available?

PAS’ master’s level licensed counselors provide in-person short-term, solution-focused counseling to assist you and your family members manage life stressors, solve personal or relationship concerns and achieve your goals.

Marital/relationship strengthening
Stress management
Thriving as a parent or grandparent
Depression and anxiety
Preparing for work and life transitions
Life balance and revitalization
Substance use, addiction
Domestic safety
Grief & loss
Resilience building & emotional fitness
Overcoming loneliness

What life management coaching services are available?

PAS provides telephonic coaching, consultation and life management services to help you answer questions, address challenges, achieve goals and thrive in life. PAS’ coaching staff includes, but is not limited to the following licensed/certified professionals: dietitians, health educators, child and elder care managers, professional organizers, attorneys, financial planners, educators, career counselors and more.

Lifestyle & Wellness

Weight & nutrition, Personal health
Tobacco cessation, Life and well-being


Legal information, Will kit


Identity theft, Asset protection
Money management & finance
Foreclosure & bankruptcy prevention
Financial planning and information

Career & Work

Career, Retirement, Continuing education
Organization and productivity

Consultation & Resourcing

Child care, Education planning, Elder care coordination
eCareDiary, Financial stress helpline

Family Care

Parenting, Child development & education
Household organization, Elder caregiving

What will it cost me to use EAP services?

EAP services are free. The benefit is pre-paid by your employer. Should your EAP consultant suggest a referral to a specialist or longer-term care provider, the referral is made to quality providers with your best interests in mind. If the provider charges a fee, the costs may be covered under your medical plan. It is your financial responsibility to pay for services provided outside of your EAP benefit.

Who is covered under the EAP?

You and your eligible dependents are covered. Should you have a question about eligibility for services, call PAS at (800) 356-0845, send an email to or contact your employer.

What should I expect when I use EAP services?

A PAS counselor will talk with you about your personal situation, answer any questions you have about your EAP benefit and personally arrange services for you. In-person counseling, life and well-being coaching, plus a wide variety of professional services are available. We serve by personally connecting you with experts that can help you improve your life.

What should I expect when I meet with an EAP consultant in-person or by phone?

Our experts help you to sort out the areas of your life that you would like to improve and then guide you through the process of establishing and following a personal action plan. Our professionals are caring, understanding, and an excellent resource to help you achieve your goals.

Where will my EAP appointments take place?

Day, evening, and weekend appointments are available for in-person counseling and telephonic coaching. You may choose from a variety of convenient locations.


Is PAS your EAP?