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October 22nd, 2016
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Household Management
National weather news and local weather for your area.
Keywords: community, safety
American Association of Poison Control Centers
Offers basic information regarding poisoning, including a poison control center database and contact information. Also offers employment opportunities, games, rumors, and information on prevention and education.
Keywords: careers, health, illness, safety
AreaVibes Cost of Living Calculator
Allows you to compare the cost of living between two cities. Helpful when considering a move or job transfer.
Keywords: career, job, financial, finances
Betty Crocker Recipes and Cookbooks
Easy online access to meal ideas, recipes, and coupons.
Keywords: family
Charity Navigator
Offers important information regarding the financial health and status of some of the largest charities, allowing informed donations to evaluated and responsible charitable organizations.
Keywords: money, responsibility
DIY Network
Loads of home projects explained step by step. Also has crafts and gardening projects.
Keywords: planning, relocation
Department of Energy
Government-sponsored site with extensive information regarding science and technology, energy sources and efficiency, the environment, safety and health, national security, and economics.
Keywords: energy, environment, government
Government sponsored site connecting "people with disabilities to the information and resources they need to actively participate in the workforce and in their communities." Includes information over various subjects, related resources, and state and local programs.
Keywords: disability, healthcare, legal, politics
Epicurious.com: the World's Greatest Recipe Website
By BonAppetit and Gourmet magazines, a collection of recipes and restaurant reviews. The recipes are separated by type, holiday, and gadgets.
Keywords: family, nutrition
Family Education Network
Provides extensive resources for parents on nearly every topic and organized by age of children, from working moms, postpartum health, and surviving divorce, to child care, development, and learning to read, to family travel, discipline, high school, budgeting, working, smoking, dating, standardized testing, and college. Also includes printable children's books.
Keywords: child care, children's books, college, divorce, growth, health, learning, parenting, smoking, teens, women, work
Fire Department: City of New York
Promotes fire safety awareness and also functions as the official fund raising vehicle for the FDNY and its initiatives for education, fire prevention, training and equipment needs.
Keywords: safety
Food Network Recipe Search
A search engine specifically for recipe. Searches can be refined by category, region, occasion, technique, and meal type.
Keywords: nutrition
Government of Canada website
The home website for the Government of Canada, serving both Canadians and visitors. Includes links to calculators and online tools, maps, public holidays and events, Canadian government departments and agencies.
Government of Ontario, Canada, website and resource center
Provides information about the structure and function of the Government of Ontario, Canada, as well as a wealth of resources on general health and safety, law, transportation and driving, economy, education and training, employment, energy, family and community, housing, finances, money and taxes, travel and recreation, in the province of Ontario.
Holidays on the Net
A collection of multimedia and information for hundreds of holidays, including "a wealth of information about the holiday, its history and holiday-related activities."
Keywords: learning
Home Improvement
Tim Carter (newspaper columnist) archives his column online, along with videos.
Keywords: DIY, rebuilding, safety
Extensive information and interactive tools to help stay organized when buying a home. Includes research, relocation, and financial calculators, school reports, moving guides, coupons, discounts, and general information on many related topics.
Keywords: calculator, home buying, relocation
Housekeeping Channel
Offers extensive information, tips, and resources about keeping a clean house for less money and in less time.
Keywords: chores
Internet Crime Complaint Center
Government sponsored site acting as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of cyber crime.
Keywords: crime, identity theft, protection
Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association
Easy access to infant toy manufacturers and their commitment to keeping babies safe. Also provides information on new baby product innovations.
Keywords: infants, parenting, safety, toddler
An online service that provides maps and directions.
Keywords: cars, travel
National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Information on insurance for homeowners, drivers, and business owners. Covers topics such as medicare, life insurance, health insurance, flood insurance, and long-term care insurance.
Keywords: insurance, safety
National Association of Professional Pet Sitters
Information on what to do with your pets when you go on vacation, along with information on the perks of hiring a NAPPS sitter. Also, NAPPS is a resource for small pet-sitting businesses for increasing clientele and gaining prestige.
Keywords: careers, pets, vacation
National Business Group on Health
"The only national non-profit organization exclusively devoted to representing the perspective of large employers and providing practical solutions to its members' most important health care problems."
Keywords: business, health, insurance
National Center for Health Statistics
Government-sponsored site documenting the health status and trends of the population and subgroups, disparities in health status and use of health care by race/ethnicity, socio-economic status, region, and other characteristics, experiences with the health care system, and much more.
Keywords: government, health, healthcare, minority, women
National Safety Council
Nonprofit, nongovernmental organization dedicated to protecting life and promoting health. Works to educate and influence people to prevent accidental injury and death.
Keywords: safety, travel
Online Calculators
Scientific, fraction, temperature, loan and more types of calculators available, some just for fun.
Keywords: calculator, homework
Parents with Disabilities Online
Resources for parents with disabilities, including adaptive aids, periodicals, and toys.
Keywords: disability, parenting
Passport: US Department of State
Outlines the passport process for travelers and provides forms needed for completion.
Keywords: legal, travel
Paytrust: Complete Bill Management
An online banking and money management service.
Keywords: finances, money, planning
Pet Sitters International
For both pet sitters and pet owners, an emphasis on education about animals through events, news, and standards for pet sitters.
Keywords: pets, vacation
Ready America: Prepare, Plan, Stay Informed
The Department of Homeland Security provides simple steps for people to survive a disaster or pandemic. Many downloads available including posters and fact sheets, as well as links to influenza updates.
Keywords: crisis, planning, flu
Information on volunteering and programs sponsored by the national government. Also has access to special recognition for volunteer hours.
Keywords: community
ServeNet for Volunteers
In partnership with State Farm Companies, this site offers many ways to get involved or to donate. Also offers information for corporations, educators, and organizations.
Keywords: community
Service Canada
Website offers single-window access to a wide range of Government of Canada programs and services for citizens through more than 600 points of service located across the country, call centres, and the Internet.
Keywords: call center
Tenant Net
Guides to choosing a roommate, negotiating with your landlord, and lease renewal disputes.
Keywords: community, relocation
Tenants Union of Washington State
Information on tenants rights including repairs and eviction. Also, opportunities for activism in the Seattle area.
Keywords: community, relocation
The Weather Channel
Not just weather for any neighborhood, but allergy reports and golf forecasts for everyone.
Keywords: planning, vacation
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
The web site of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration includes information, recommendations and approval status.
Keywords: prescription drugs, health, government, safety
US Consumer Product Safety Commision
Provides up to date information of product recalls and general safety reports. Also has a link for reporting a safety hazard.
Keywords: safety
Volunteer Match
An opportunity search for volunteers and a volunteer search for nonprofit organizations. Has a special section on rebuilding the gulf coast.
Keywords: community
World Tenant
An organization which aims "to provide links and information on the laws which affect tenants, tenants rights, where to get help, and articles on best practices."
Keywords: housing, politics
YWCA - Young Women's Christian Association
Works to eliminate racism and empower women, providing safe places for women and girls, building strong women leaders, and advocating women's rights and civil rights in Congress. Offers many services, such as crisis counseling, rape or domestic violence protection, career development, childcare, health issues, and much more.
Keywords: child care, minority, women
A Moving Experience: Dealing with the Relocation Blues
Identifies signs of the "Relocation Blues," as well as ten tips for adjusting to a new life in a new location.
Keywords: change, home buying, relocation, transition
How to Build Family Cohesiveness
Defines family cohesiveness and the signs of a cohesive family. Also outlines how one can build cohesiveness within the family.
Keywords: family, getting along, growth
How to Set Goals
Examines why it is important to have goals and how to write goals that are motivating.
Keywords: career skills, goals, growth
Problem-Solving Skills
An introduction to problem-solving for use in the workplace and at home.
Keywords: communication, conflict, family
Work/Home Role Strain
Defines role strain and suggests using communication to aleviate the stress.
Keywords: balance, stress
How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have
by John Gray, 1999. Discusses the validity of both material and spiritual wants. Offers advice on recognizing and overcoming self-defeating behaviors that make achieving goals difficult.
Keywords: balance, meditation, peace, spirituality
Life 101
"...Everything We Wished We had Learned about Life in School But Didn't," by Peter McWilliams, 2000. Simply written to avoid overly serious philosophy and to allow the reader to open the book anywhere and still grasp the points made. Addresses many, many topics about life, happiness, and so much more.
Keywords: inspiration, social skills
PASWord Express Volume 9 Issue 4
Discusses safe internet usage, identity protection, and children's access to the web. Gives tips for choosing informed and appropriate websites for health advice. Cautions overuse or abuse of electronic games.
Keywords: health, identity theft, safety, technology
The website is designed to help you learn more about life issues. The information on the PAS web site is provided for informational and educational purposes only; it is not intended to diagnose medical or mental health conditions nor to be a substitute for professional counseling with a licensed mental health clinician or substitute for medical treatment provided by a licensed physician. Click here to read the complete PAS Web Privacy Statement and Web Information Disclaimer.

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