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Cost-Effective Solutions for Employee Development and Training

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In today’s competitive economy, effective development of employees is the advantage that helps make organizations successful. Thriving companies leverage employee knowledge to help solve the organization’s problems, exceed customer expectations, and propel them to the top of their industry. The challenge, of course, is to provide quality training programs in a cost-effective manner.

The size and budget of most internal training departments has been significantly reduced over the years creating numerous logistical challenges to the organization as a whole. The challenge multiplies when a trainer is expected to provide training across a range of disciplines for employees with varying levels of starting skill sets. Providing adequate training across multiple shifts and/or multiple locations further compounds the challenge. E-learning can offer a cost-effective solution, allowing employees easy access to training in a wide variety of topic areas.

E-learning is a broad term referring to any kind of learning done with a computer.  It may be delivered in various forms of technology including CD-ROM, Internet, or Intranet. Courses often utilize many elements, including text, video, audio, animation, and virtual environments. E-learning can be just as effective as classroom learning and, in fact, offers advantages over classroom learning.

Consistent Anytime, Anywhere Learning for All

The Internet can make learning available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world. This allows businesses to distribute training and critical information to multiple locations and shifts. It also ensures that each employee hears a consistent message regardless of their position or location in a company. Training materials can be easily updated, providing current and accurate information whenever the course is accessed. Additionally, the availability of topics can be customized to meet the unique needs of specific groups of employees.

How Can PAS Help?

Personal Assistance Services (PAS) has partnered with BizLibrary to offer discounted rates on e-learning subscriptions. BizLibrary offers small and mid-sized organizations affordable training resources, providing valuable e-learning experiences from the world’s leading training producers. Over 8,000 online courses are available in all areas of employee development including Business and Professional Skills, Computer Skills, Leadership and Management, Sales and Customer Service, and Workplace Health and Safety. These quality courses can also help your business meet mandated training requirements such as Drug Free Workplace training.

BizLibrary is highly committed to customer service and support. Each client organization is supplied with a dedicated Account Manager who provides guidance with every phase of development, deployment and employee communication. The Learning Management System (LMS) provides management reporting, automatic email messaging and WebEx integration. These features make it easy for companies to develop customized Web-based corporate universities with all the tools needed to successfully educate employees at every level. A Technical Support team is available to answer any user questions or problems.

Delivering training through technology eliminates the expense and inconvenience of getting the instructor and students in the same place on the same schedule.

Improved Knowledge Retention

The different elements used in e-learning courses allow for a variety of learning styles. The material is typically delivered in smaller units called chunks. Chunking information contributes to higher knowledge retention rates. Furthermore, this allows employees to learn at their own pace. They can skip over materials already known and then slow down, or repeat, sections that might not be clear.

Cost Reduction

Delivering training through technology eliminates the expense and inconvenience of getting the instructor and students in the same place on the same schedule. Opting for e-learning means that courses can be pared into shorter sessions and spread out over several days or weeks so that the business does not experience employee down time for entire days at a time. Workers are also more productive and use their own time more efficiently since they no longer need to travel or fight rush-hour traffic to get to a class.

Easily Managed

A Learning Management System (LMS) allows Human Resource managers and others to keep track of courses being offered, schedule and assign training for employees and track their progress and results. Managers can review employee test scores to measure the extent to which learning objectives were achieved and identify any areas that need additional training. Using a Learning Management System, companies can create a customized learning program for new employees, particular departments, or job functions.

Preview Services

For more information about BizLibrary services, or to sign up for a demo or webinar, please contact PAS’ training department at (800) 356-0845 or email [email protected]

We invite you to demo the library for 30 days at no cost. BizLibrary also conducts free weekly webinars that provide up-to-date information about best practices in employee knowledge development.

This article is not intended to be construed as legal advice, but is provided as an overview of good business practices.