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Frequently Asked Questions About Using the EAP as a Management Tool

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Beyond the counseling and life management services offered to employees, PAS also provides benefits specifically designed to help managers and supervisors address performance-related issues with employees. Supervision is fairly straightforward when employees are:

  • Present and on-time
  • In good physical and emotional condition
  • Willing and able to effectively perform the job
  • Responsive to instructions and feedback
  • Involved in good working relationships

When employees are not displaying these behaviors and qualities, the supervisor’s job becomes more difficult. Resolving employee challenges can consume excessive amounts of time and place additional stress on the supervisor. The supervisor and other co-workers often have to compensate for underperforming employees. In some cases, the organization’s ability to achieve its goals may become compromised.

How does using the EAP as a Management Tool help me?

PAS offers unique expertise in sorting through employee behavioral patterns that adversely impact job performance and the work environment. One of the most effective performance improvement tools PAS provides for supervisors is the mechanism to refer underperforming, potentially troubled employees to the EAP. PAS then confidentially assists the employee to identify and resolve the personal concerns that are affecting performance.

How do I make the referral?

The supervisor simply places a call to PAS to initiate the performance referral process. PAS consultants will then work with the supervisor to:

  • Establish the basis for the referral
  • Prepare for discussing the performance referral with the employee
  • Establish protocols and time frames for mutual progress updates between the supervisor and PAS

What kind of feedback will I receive?

PAS’ role is to develop a confidential action plan with the employee and to facilitate his or her engagement in the recommended education and treatment services necessary to restore productivity to acceptable levels. With the employee’s permission, PAS will inform you that the employee has contacted PAS, when appointments are scheduled, if appointments are kept, and if recommendations are being followed. In some cases, the level of care PAS recommends cannot be arranged to occur outside of the employee’s work schedule.  We will also inform you when that is the case.

How can I receive information if the services are confidential?

When an employee contacts PAS as a result of a performance referral, PAS obtains verbal permission from the employee to advise the referring supervisor or his/her designee that the employee has indeed contacted us. Once the employee attends the first appointment, he or she is asked to sign a release of information form giving us permission to report attendance at scheduled sessions and compliance with the suggested action plan to the specific person(s) named on the form. PAS follows all Federal regulations regarding confidentiality and privacy.

What kind of information do I need to supply to PAS when making a referral?

PAS Client Services Specialists will prompt you for the needed information. In addition to your name, you will be asked for the name of primary and secondary contacts who will receive attendance and compliance feedback as well as the name and job title of the employee being referred. PAS will gather general information about the referred employee’s longevity with the organization, performance improvement plan history, and consequences should the employee fail to bring his or her performance up to standard. This information will allow PAS to build upon the coaching that has already occurred and motivate the employee to follow our recommendations.

What if an employee does not give permission to share information with the employer?

Typically, when employees do not give permission, it is because they don’t fully grasp the seriousness of their poor performance, they view the referral as a disciplinary action or they do not understand the confidential nature of the EAP. Should an employee decline to give PAS permission to provide compliance feedback, PAS will further clarify what can and cannot be disclosed to you and will direct them back to you to discuss the importance of receiving the feedback.

What if an employee does not meet performance expectations after they have been referred to the EAP?

Determination regarding ongoing employment should depend solely on the employee’s performance. Referral to the EAP is a tool that works best with two-way communication between PAS and the referring supervisor. Whether the employee’s performance improves or continues to deteriorate, please share that with PAS as it may indicate the need to make adjustments to the EAP action plan.

Does the EAP benefit include a Fitness for Duty evaluation?

No, Fitness for Duty evaluation is not a service provided by the EAP. PAS can, however, help you identify a qualified forensic psychologist who can provide an extensive evaluation of an employee’s capability to safely perform the essential functions of his or her job. Generally, these evaluations include extensive interviews, psychological testing, and written evaluation with recommendations based on the findings.

Is there information on PAS’ website that can help me prepare for making a referral?

PAS’ website (paseapstaging.wpengine.com) is easy to use and has a section dedicated to information for supervisors. Select “PAS for Employers” on the home page, then click on “Information for Supervisors.”

The site includes:

  • An online training entitled “A Supervisor’s Guide to Using the EAP.” Downloadable documents from the training tool box provide information on developing a supervisory plan of action, identifying indicators of job performance decline, selecting the appropriate referral type from the EAP referral continuum, choosing words for coaching and confronting a defensive employee.
  • An interactive checklist that may serve as a starting point for identifying and documenting employee performance problems.
  • A description of all the services available to employees and their eligible dependents.

Even the very best performing employees can have personal concerns that affect their work. Always have PAS brochures available in your office to give to employees when appropriate. Downloadable brochures are available from our website (paseapstaging.wpengine.com) and from your Human Resources department.