Follow Up Tips for Supervisory Referrals

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Follow up begins before you refer your employee to the EAP. Be sure to call the EAP to inform them that you are making a referral, and be prepared to provide information on the nature of the referral, performance concerns and history and required improvements in performance.

Let your employee know what performance changes you expect. Understand how you will measure or quantify these changes later. Focus on performance only, not what personal details that may be impacting performance.

If your employee does not follow through with the EAP’s recommendations, will you know it? Establish with the EAP how best to communicate with you regarding feedback on compliance with the EAP referral.

Follow-up begins before your referral of the employee to the EAP

Ongoing meetings with your employee to review progress are critical to your employee’s success. Give your employee positive feedback when he/she is performing well or job performance has improved. Don’t make a referral to the EAP and then forget about it.

Respond quickly and early after an EAP referral if you see the return of performance problems or problematic patterns of behavior. Let your employee know that performance has declined or not resolved sufficiently. Avoid discussion of personal problems and refer back to the EAP.

Be prepared to provide regular feedback to the EAP throughout the EAP referral process regarding your employee’s progress toward meeting performance expectations. Has there been improvement? Are there ongoing concerns? Are you meeting with your employee periodically to discuss progress or lack of progress?

For assistance with documentation, contact your HR department, or call the EAP for guidance. The EAP provides numerous tools for documenting performance concerns.

The EAP will call you to provide limited information on attendance and compliance with EAP recommendations (assuming the employee has signed a release.) If you do not receive feedback from the EAP, call. There are several reasons that you may have not heard from the EAP. The employee:

  • may not have yet contacted the EAP
  • may have refused to sign an Authorization for Release of Information
  • may have scheduled, then canceled an appointment and/or rescheduled an appointment for a future date

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