Mental Health Awareness

A “short list” of educational resources to increase mental health awareness

Increase Awareness/Reduce Stigma

ICU – short video

Just as an Intensive Care Unit, or ICU, helps those with a physical injury or illness, the three ICU program steps convey “I See You” to our peers and help those who may be in distress–or have an emotional or psychological illness or injury–get help.
·     Identify the signs
·     Connect with the person
·     Understand the way forward together

Click to watch the ICU educational short clip

Right Direction

Customizable resources to communicate the importance of addressing depression with the C-suite and managers and can educate employees on the signs and symptoms of depression, including contacting PAS for help.

Educate Employees about the EAP by regularly promoting EAP services for a variety of life events, personal needs and support services.

Be Like Donna

Practically Everything

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Offer Screening Tools that encourage employees to take a realistic look at their overall mental health


Well-Being Education = Physical + Emotional Health

Mental Wellness Education Pieces


Coping With The Blues

Understanding Depression


A Healthy Mind

Coping with a Mental Illness in the Family

A Daily Dose of Gratitude & Mindful Feasting

Building Resilience; Tips for Fostering Resilience

Resilience in the Face of Life’s Challenges, Fostering Resilience in Children, and Ten Ways to Reduce Stress


Manage Stress

Turn Distress into De-Stress

After a Disaster – Tips for Dealing with Stress

Managing Caregiver Stress

Coping with Media Induced Stress

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention – Information We All Need

When There’s Talk of Suicide

For Managers and HR

Workplace Wellness

Mental Health at Work – ADA/FMLA Compliance

Preventing Suicide at Work

Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Life Preserver Wallet Card

Wallet card with instructions how to effectively intervene in-the-moment with someone who is acutely distressed.

Life Preserver Wallet card  [download]  [order]


Increase Access to Mental Well-Being Services

Train Managers How to Identify Those in Distress and Refer

Using the EAP as a Management Toolvideo
PAS offers a variety of services and tools to support managers in helping employees succeed at work, to be productive and address personal concerns that impact workplace performance.

Behavioral Health Awareness Training for Managers [request training]
Guidelines for managing employees with common mental health challenges and intervening in high risk situations.



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