Simple Ways To Prevent Injury At Work

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Each year, thousands of people suffer injuries at work. There are many types of work injuries, including back injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome, eye injuries, bumps, bruises, and burns. Here are some recommendations for staying safe on the job.

Preventing Back Injuries

  • Adjust your work chair to avoid back strain. With hips against the back of the chair, adjust the seat height until your feet are flat on the floor. Distribute your weight over your buttocks. Adjust the backrest’s height to meet the curve of your back.
  • Never use a chair or desk as a ladder. If you use a ladder, never stand on the top step. Call maintenance to handle problems that require climbing.
  • Call maintenance to lift more than a few pounds. If you have to unpack copier paper, use a dolly to move boxes and unpack one ream at a time.  Computer equipment is heavy to move; get help.
  • When picking up items, bend your knees and don’t twist your back.
  • Avoid wet floors and uneven or broken floor tiles.
  • To avoid back strain, use the elevator instead of stairs.

Avoiding Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome is wrist pain caused by a pinched nerve exacerbated by repetitive movements of the wrist. To avoid it, do the following:
  • Sit two feet away from your computer. The top of the computer document should be at eye level.
  • Your keyboard should be flat or elevated and not slant away from you.
  • Keep wrists straight and elbows at a 90 degree angle while typing.
  • Use a wrist rest.
  • Stretch wrists before and after work and during breaks.

Thwarting Eye Injuries

  • Eye injuries are caused by overuse, flying objects, tools, dust or dirt, chemicals, and radiation. To prevent them, complete a hazard assessment to determine eye safety dangers. The hazards should be eliminated and employees taught how to prevent injuries.
  • Wear safety eyewear when there’s a chance of eye injury.
  • Take frequent breaks and vary activities that are stressful to the eyes.
  • Change the distance that you focus on and glance away from the computer often.
  • Never toss paper clips or pens to another person.
  • Keep your work area clean and dusted.
  • Wear protective gear if radiation is present.
  • When using tools, wear protective eye goggles and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Use the proper tool for each job.
  • If you get dust, dirt, smoke, or chemicals in your eye(s), flush them with large amounts of clean water and see a doctor if discomfort or pain persists.
  • If you injure or get a foreign object in your eye, see a doctor immediately.

Burns & Electrocution

  • Always unplug machines before cleaning, clearing an obstruction, or repairing them.
  • Report flickering lights or electrical outlets that buzz or smoke to maintenance.
  • Use extension cords as little as possible and never use ones that are frayed.
  • Do not overload electrical outlets.
  • If you are burned, flush the burn with cool water and see a doctor.
  • Schedule fire and earthquake drills monthly. Find the fastest way to exit without using the elevator.
  • Place fire extinguishers in every office.

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