When a Loved One Dies

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When a loved one dies, you might face the overwhelming responsibility of closing out the person’s life. There are many things to attend to, from providing a proper tribute to closing bank accounts to canceling a gym membership. And many of the tasks require attention to detail — adding stress to what is already a pretty emotional time.

To cope, cut yourself some slack: Don’t try to handle everything yourself if you don’t have to.

“This burden shouldn’t be placed on one individual,” says Sally Hurme, an AARP elder law attorney and author of The ABA Checklist for Family Heirs. “When people ask what they can do to help, take advantage of the offer. Delegate.”

To do so, you need to have a full, clear picture of what needs to be done. Here’s an ordered checklist to make your task easier. As you review what’s in store, consider which undertakings you can hand off and who can best handle them.

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